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"Unlock significant earning potential and business growth with a minimal initial investment and no ongoing capital requirements."

"Join the forefront of the payments and utility services industry with Kiosk IT Pay, offering you a chance to handle transactions through a state-of-the-art, secure, and exceptionally user-friendly platform."

"Become part of our extensive network with over 500,000 agents, gaining access to invaluable peer support and a reputable brand that enhances your business credibility."

Banking Services

Provide all banking services to your customers at one stop and earn commissions with Kiosk IT Pay

"As a Kiosk IT Pay Retailer, provide a full suite of banking services including cash withdrawals, deposits, money transfers, Aadhaar Pay, and more, turning your retail space into a financial hub and potentially earning up to Rs. 50,000."

"Transform your shop into a mini bank with Kiosk IT Pay, offering everything from mini statements and balance enquiries to M-ATM services, prepaid cards, and loans, all designed to boost your earnings."

"Manage your transactions effortlessly as a Kiosk IT Pay Retailer. Our system allows you to handle your credit base and ledger seamlessly, enhancing your operational efficiency and financial control."

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Utility and Bill Payments

Make different bill payments with Kiosk IT Pay on behalf of your customers and get monetary rewards for your services

"Kiosk IT Pay empowers modern entrepreneurs to take control of their financial future. Every transaction, from electricity bills to postpaid services, not only fulfills a client's need but also earns you a commission."

"With Kiosk IT Pay, turn everyday bill payments into a profitable venture. Each transaction you facilitate adds directly to your income, offering both service and financial rewards."

"Step into the role of a facilitator in the digital payments space with Kiosk IT Pay, where every bill payment handled by you means more money in your pocket."

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Insurance Services

Insure your customers vehicles, devices, health & life and make money through insurance cover with Kiosk IT Pay

"Partner with Kiosk IT Pay to offer insurance services and enjoy the benefit of earning a fixed commission for each policy you sell, boosting your revenue as a retailer."

"Increase your income effortlessly with Kiosk IT Pay; every insurance service you provide not only benefits your customers but also guarantees you a fixed commission."

"As a Kiosk IT Pay retailer, each insurance transaction isn't just a service to your customer—it's a steady income opportunity for you through our fixed commission structure."

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Travel Services

Earn Money when you book different tickets for your customers, including buses, flights, trains, etc. with Kiosk IT Pay portal

"Beyond bill payments, help fulfill your customers' travel aspirations! With Kiosk IT Pay, you can book hotels, flights, and trains while earning instant commissions unmatched by any other platform. REGISTER TODAY to start benefiting!"

"Turn everyday transactions into travel opportunities for your customers and profit for yourself. With Kiosk IT Pay, you can book travel services like hotels, flights, and trains and earn instant commissions. Don’t wait—REGISTER NOW and start earning!"

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Banking & Digital Services

All the banking and digital services provided by us are fully secured. You can help your customers with easy digital money transfers, payments, and other banking facilities through Kiosk IT Pay.

Know Us

We Are Here To Make डिजिटल भारत


"आसान और सुरक्षित बैंक सुविधाएँ"

"आपके जीवन को आसान बनाती हैं।"

Our Mission

"Amidst the nationwide digital transformation, Kiosk IT Pay stands out as a premier service provider for money transfers, leveraging the trusted Aadhar Enabled Payment Systems (AEPS) alongside a comprehensive suite of banking and utility services."

Our Vision

"Empowering seamless financial inclusion nationwide, Kiosk IT Pay envisions a future where every individual has access to secure and convenient money transfer services. Our commitment extends to providing cutting-edge solutions that bridge the digital divide and enhance financial accessibility for all."

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img Minimum Investment

"Experience a comprehensive range of services with minimal investment, all within a secure and trusted platform."

img Big Bunch of Products
& Services

"With over 25+ services available, we equip our agents with a diverse range of tools to deliver unparalleled service to their customers."

img Earn Commission on
Every Transaction

"At Kiosk IT Pay, agents enjoy maximum commissions on every service transaction, ensuring lucrative opportunities and rewarding partnerships."

img Prestige & Customer

"With the trust and loyalty of our agents, the Kiosk IT Pay family has grown to 10k+ strong, united in our mission to provide unparalleled service and support."

Become A Part Of Us

"Join us in embracing digital innovation and smart solutions to unlock profitability and prestige for distributors, retailers, and individuals alike."


Become A Distributor

"Maximize your earnings with Kiosk IT Pay's distribution services. Benefit from commissions exceeding 25% of the invested amount by simply offering our services to your network. No physical store or staffing required. Join our league of over 10,000 distributors nationwide, each earning upwards of ₹50,000 per month. Don't miss out—JOIN NOW!"

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